The Show


Recently named Top 5 Comedy Show of 2013 by Newcity Chicago!

The City Life Supplement is a live radio-show and a podcast. Each one-night-only performance is a collection of songs, sketches, stories, musical guests and general hilarity, all loosely based in the fictional neighborhood of Ravens Park, Chicago. Sometimes naughty, sometimes sweet, we philosophize about neighborhood politics and too-long winters; sing songs about drunk-texting and road trips; and tell stories about super heroes and long-lost loves. Come to one of our monthly live performances at The Holiday Club or listen to the podcast. The podcast is a free download and the show is $10.


Recurring Segments

Lost in the City - Listen to the Podcast

Mike Brunlieb is Rick Richwald, a bumpkin from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He came to Chicago last year for a pump manufacturers' convention, accidentally got off on the wrong train stop and is now perpetually lost in the city of Chicago. He's spent the last year trying to find his way back to his wife and kids at the Red Roof Inn, yet somehow, each month he stumbles in to The City Supplement studio to tell of his (mis)adventures in the Windy City.

A Helluva Month in Raven's Park

Host Matt Lyle spins a yarn centered on the show's monthly theme. This popular segment expertly mixes the sweet and funny in life's best moments and often leaves Matt feeling very embarrassed and worried that he's shared too much. It'll make you laugh and tug on your heartstrings.


Missed Connections

Cast members Allison Tolman, Matt Lyle and Mike Brunlieb riff on hand picked selections of local Craigslist Missed Connections - you gotta hear 'em to believe 'em! We're hoping to someday use this segment to bring two souls together, no matter how bizarre and perverted those two souls may be. 


As the World Sighs

Meet the characters of Ravens Park's favorite hipster soap-opera: Justin, Shae, Tasia, Carlo, and Brynn. They're mega deck and they live in Wicker Park! They wear skinny jeans, drink PBR and destroy each others lives! What will happen in the next installment: A kidnapping? Separated at birth? Evil twins!? A kickball game?! Tune in to find out! Duh-duh-duuuuuh!